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Our rate for research is fifteen dollars an hour with one hour as a minimum. Payment is considered, by us, a contribution to the society. (Membership is thirty dollars a year.)

Boone County began recording births and deaths in 1880 and marriages in 1850. Iowa passed a mandatory vital records registration law in July 1921. Prior to that time less than 50% of the vital events were registered. Boone County was no exception. In Boone County, if you are a close relative of the person whose record is sought, a copy may be obtained for a small fee. When one is writing for a copy of the record, the initial letter should contain a description of this relationship as well as the intended use of the record. (Genealogical research is acceptable.) The letter should be addressed to the County Recorder, Boone County Court House, 201 State Street, Boone Iowa, 50036. You may wish to call 515-433-0514 for the most recent cost of this service.

The state also has copies of vital records. The requirements are the same, the cost is about ten dollars. For current state fees, researchers are advised to call 515-281-5871 for a recorded message giving current fees. Iowa Department of Health, Vital Records Section, Lucas Office Building, 321 East 12th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319.

Probate Records

The letter should be addressed to the Clerk of Court, Boone County Court House, 201 State Street, Boone Iowa, 50036. A small charge is made for photocopying. Either write or call (515-433-0561) the Clerk's office for the current charges. If you know the probate number, be sure to include it with your request.


Three histories of Boone County (1880,1902 and 1914) have been published containing biographical material on 1142 families. Several smaller towns have published local histories but the two largest towns, Boone and Ogden, have not published histories. The county has three long established newspapers (ca 1860) but, like similar publications, they are not indexed.

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